Those qualities that are widely understood, 
publicly endorsed and consistently acted upon 
by Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania,
it’s staff and it’s volunteers.

Compassion: Compassionate individuals are empathetic, caring, patient and quick to forgive. They listen to, understand and are responsive to the needs of others.

Integrity: People of integrity are trustworthy, dependable and responsible. They are willingly accountable to others. They are honest at all times and consistently respect and protect the privacy of others. The hold themselves to high moral and ethical standards.

Respect: Respectful people accept others for who they are. They honor, value and welcome diversity of culture, experience and thought. They are broad-minded and non-judgemental.

Teamwork/Collaboration: Teamwork results when individuals choose to work together toward a common goal, placing the welfare and success of the team ahead of themselves, while the team as a whole puts the welfare of its members above that of the team. Both teamwork and collaboration grow from a belief that cooperation leads to mutual benefits and greater results than could be achieved alone.

Committment:  Committed individuals are loyal with those to whom they share their lives, both personally and professionally, in the face of both success and adversity. They are passionate about their beliefs and dedicated to promoting the success of others.