Lisbeth Little

Bi-lingual Regional Coordinator

My name is Lisbeth Lopez-Little. I am the Bilingual Spanish Regional Coordinator. I am originally from Guatemala. I am a mother of three school age children all with different disabilities and challenges. The Special Needs Parenting world is different and complex and at times lonely. You’re going to have good, bad, and everything in between days. Your child(ren) will face many challenges. As a parent, you will be there right along with them, often juggling many roles and responsibilities of not just a parent but also the therapist, their nurse, etc. You will experience a spectrum of emotions on this journey of raising your child with a disability. Some days You will need support. At Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania, my job is to be at the other end of that initial phone call. We chat as two moms of special needs children. I may not make things better, but I can connect you to another mom who shares similar stories, who understands. Maybe it’s a couple of phone calls or email exchanges, you determine the relationship with the parent you are matched to. That personal connection is priceless. Often, for Spanish speakers it's hard to find someone who understands your culture and your native language. I believe in the work Parent to Parent of PA is accomplishing. I have experienced it first hand. And so, I understand the great value it brings to a parent or family. It isn’t something counted in monetary value but in many ways it has no value and is very rewarding. __________________________________________ Mi nombre es Lisbeth Lopez-Little. Yo soy la Coordinador Regional Bilingüe en Español. Soy originaria de Guatemala. Soy una madre de tres niños en edad escolar, todas con diferentes discapacidades y retos. El mundo de Padres de hijos con necesidades especiales es diferente y complejo y, a veces solitaria. Va a tener dias buenos, malos, y de todo tipo de dias. Su hijo (s) se enfrentará a muchos retos. Como padre, usted estará allí junto con ellos, a menudo haciendo malabarismos con muchas funciones y responsabilidades no sólo de un padre , sino también de la terapeuta, su enfermera, etc. Usted experimentará un espectro de emociones en este camino de ser madre a un hijo con una discapacidad. Algunos días usted necesitarán apoyo.