Janice Forosisky

Statewide Supervisor


My name is Janice Forosisky and I am the Statewide Supervisor for the Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania program. My husband and I have three sons. Our youngest son John was born with Down Syndrome. He is the light of our lives. John is a young adult who has a full and busy life. He works as a bagger at a local grocery store, volunteers once a week at the local Salvation Army, and is involved with our county Special Olympics Program. He is a well-rounded guy with many friends who he hangs out with on a regular basis. I have been on staff at Parent to Parent since its inception and am very thrilled to still be doing this work I manager the staff’s daily work and enjoy reading the stories of the wonderful support parents receive from the matches our Regional Coordinators make for them. I believe that parent support is the cornerstone to a strong and healthy family.