Kathleen Yarish


Hello. My name is Kathleen Yarish, and I am the proud parent of three children. Mary Katherine is our oldest, and has always been an avid reader. Caroline is our middle child, and has always been focused on caring for and helping people. Joseph is our youngest, and has always been busy and on the go. “How did I come to be involved with Parent to Parent you might ask?” Well, on 9-11-01 we found out that the baby we were expecting had Spina Bifida. Our world was forever changed. We decided, though, that we would not let his diagnosis define him. After Joseph was born I was unsure and searching for others who had walked down the same path I was starting to travel. At that point in time I was connected to Fiona Patrick over the phone who was kind enough to share her stories with me and listen. That interaction empowered me to know that I could help our child not only survive in this world, but thrive. Joseph is an active 15-year old, and started playing sled hockey four years ago. We are traveling all over the country watching him play. I could have never imagined fifteen years ago when I was told my child would have a serious birth defect that I would become a “hockey mom”. I am excited about my new role working with Parent to Parent, and look forward to helping other parents find connections so they are not traveling their path alone.