Pam Matesevach

SC Regional Coordinator

PaTTAN 6340 Flank Drive Harrisburg, PA 17112

My name is Pam Matesevac. I live in Middletown, PA with my husband, Adam. We have four children-Josh, Aaron , Caleb, and Hannah. When Hannah was born in 2010, we were introduced to the special needs community because of her diagnosis of Down Syndrome. We are thankful that she has had good health for the most part. Our pediatrician gave us the number for Parent to Parent, and I am so thankful that I called. I am still in contact with the person I was matched with. It was wonderful to be understood! I became a peer supporter so that I could be an encouragement to others. I am excited to be a South Central Regional Coordinator in order to help other families get the support that we all need.

Pam Matesevac