Great Start in Early Intervention Conference

“Great Start in Early Intervention Conference: Successful Outcomes for Young Children with Sensory Impairments”

To be held June 18-19 at the Kalahari Convention Center  Click Here For More Info

  • The Great Start Conference will not be providing on-site child care this year.
  • However, if a family is eligible for a parent scholarship, EITA will reimburse the family to bring a babysitter on-site at the rate of $8.00 per hour with a maximum of 13 hours to cover the time the family is attending sessions. The family is responsible for all travel expenses related to the babysitter, including mileage and meals.
  • For families traveling over 50 miles to the conference center, Lodging costs will be covered, if you are awarded a scholarship.
  • All families that receive scholarships will receive mileage/toll reimbursement from their homes to the conference location.
  • There is also a family dinner that families (including children) are invited to participate in. The cost of this dinner is covered with the scholarship.
  • Meals for non-conference participants will not be provided/reimbursed (except for the family dinner)
  • One lunch and one breakfast is included as part of the conference for conference participants.
  • All other meals will be “on your own” and not reimbursed.