Leaders Embracing All-Abilities & Diversity

Leaders Embracing All-Abilities & Diversity


L.E.A.D. (Leaders Embracing All Abilities and Diversity) was started by a group of professionals, business owners and parents working in partnership with the Columbia Montour Special Needs Council and Hand in Hand Family Resource Center.

The organizers have come together to advocate for the importance of foundational education related to greeting, accommodating and welcoming individuals and their families who face physical and emotional challenges.  The free all abilities training sessions are relevant for any organization or business interested in looking to better serve their community.

All Abilities Training is designed as an open conversation for employers, managers, employees, and volunteers in organizations and businesses. The training includes tips and information on interacting appropriately with people with disabilities, whether they are employees, contractors, vendors, or customers with the goal of a more inclusive environment.

The training provides relevant and practical introductory training for businesses to understand what challenges people with special needs and abilities and their families face in day-to-day life. It also provides practical solutions to the challenges that will allow businesses to open their doors in a more welcoming way and individuals to learn to overcome fears and uncertainties when interacting with families.

The best part of the training experience is the interaction that all participants provide with real life scenarios, questions and experiences.  All attendees receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the training.

Training is presented and facilitated by professionals from the Hand in Hand Family Resource Center.  Hand in Hand aims to guide, empower, support and educate the caregivers of individuals with health concerns and special needs.

To find out more about L.E.A.D. and find future training dates please visit the website at https://allabilitiestraining.wordpress.com or the Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LEADAllAbilitiesTraining/