Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania matches parents, family members, and caregivers of children and adults with disabilities or special needs together on a one-to-one basis, according to conditions or concerns. Volunteer Peer Supporters offer support and share information usually by phone. The following information outlines the steps we use to find the best match possible for our callers:

A call to Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania may be generated either by a  phone call to our new toll free number at 1-888-727-2706Ana_2 or by accessing our website at and clicking the “Get Matched” button.

A Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania Regional Coordinator contacts the caller to obtain additional information pertinent to making the best match possible.

The Peer Supporter database, which hosts over 1,200 volunteer mentors, is searched based on the request defined by the caller. If a match is found in the Parent to Parent database, the Regional Coordinator facilitates the connection between the caller and Peer Supporter by exchanging information relevant to the match. The Peer Supporter contacts the caller, usually by phone within 24 hours. On the initial phone call, the caller and Peer Supporter may define their future contacts. If a match cannot be found in our database, then other resources are utilized to help make the match, for example: Established resources, support groups or service organizations in PA:

– National Parent to Parent List serve National support organizations: – Mothers United for Moral Support – National Organization for Rare Diseases – Organizations specific to the condition or issue

If a match cannot be made through other resources, then the caller is given the opportunity to write a match specific request to be posted in our newsletter and also offered the opportunity to be matched for general support while the search  for the best possible match continues.

“Lack of a perfect match should not stop you from making a match. It is more important that parents seeking support be in touch with other parents than not in touch at all.”