When I was asked to volunteer for Parent to Parent, I didn’t hesitate even for a second before saying yes. My daughter has Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Although the actual process of having her evaluated, being diagnosed, filing for medical assistance and beginning speech therapy was not horrible, the journey was extremely trying. I had great resources and incredible people within my county to help and point me in the right directions, but the days were long and there were lots of tears. The frustration level for both myself and more importantly, my daughter, was overwhelming. Not being able to understand and communicate with your child is heartbreaking. I did not have a support team from other parents in similar situations and I think that would have been invaluable for me. When I was told about Parent to Parent I was excited to be able be a resource to other families. Since volunteering I have spoken to a handful of moms who were going through these exact steps. I have been an ear for them to vent to, but they are not the only ones who received support…speaking with them has also given me reassurance that we are not alone. Some have even given me information that I was not aware of to help us in our journey.

My daughter is doing remarkably well. Our hard work (hers and mine) was and IS 100% worth it. If I can tell other families one thing it would be this. When they are crying, yelling or think they can’t do any more, I want them to know that they are not alone. There is an incredible community out there and I feel it is our duty to share our stories and lean on one another.


Tracy Brien