“Experienced parents understand that the event that has altered their

lives  is painful. Parents do not have the power to change the way they

think about it. Parents have the power to choose to live a joyful  life;

they are not compelled to live in constant grief. They have a choice for life

and celebration. New parents may not know this. Experienced parents are

not saying it is easy, but they can teach this. Support parents can plant

the seed.”

                           —Janice Wright

  • We all know that the demands of our busy lives can change from day to day or even from minute to minute. Our peer supporters give of their time strictly on a voluntary, as available, basis. At no time will you be asked to contact one of our callers if you don’t feel that it is a good time for you.

  • Once you have decided that peer supporting is right for you, you will be asked to provide information in regard to yourself, your child and the conditions/issues that you feel comfortable talking about. That information will be housed in our database and will remain confidential. We will not release your information to our callers without first obtaining your permission. In addition, your information will not be released to any agency for the purpose of their private mailings.

  • Each time you are identified as a potential match for one of our callers, a regional coordinator will contact you to see if you are available to offer support at that time.  In addition, they will be asking for your input to see if you agree that you would be an appropriate match in regard to the concerns of the caller. If you feel the match is not appropriate or if it is simply not a good time for you, please feel free to decline that request to support. Your information will remain in our database so that we may call on you at a later time should you be identified again.