Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania supports the grassroots efforts of new and existing parent-driven,

condition specific or general disability, support groups. Many of our current regional coordinators have

experience starting and running support groups and are happy to share what they have learned. Our

program can support your efforts in the following ways:


We can survey families in our database for interest in your support group and mail initial promotional materials.

We can meet with interested parties to talk about how to promote a new group:

…provide input to help create a name that does not currently belong to another group

…assist in creating a  promotional flier

…assist in locating a place to meet

…provide input for a written press release to submit to the local newspaper

…assist in identify group objectives and activities

…provide trainings on confidentiality

…assist by recommending speakers on disability-specific topics

Our regional coordinators are happy to discuss your specific needs.

Please call for more information!


For written information in regard to support group start up;

Please click on the hyperlinks below