As many of us know, it is often hard to take time for ourselves.  I find that I feel guilty when there are so many things and people that need my attention to actually pause and refresh.  However, I have found that I do have more patience when I am revitalized, so I make it a point to start my day carving out a little “me” time.

This is how I make time for me…

My husband usually leaves for work around 5:15-5:30 am.   I take advantage of this early start by getting up as he heads out. This gives me a window of time before everyone starts getting up for school (or more accurately, before I start waking them up for school).  I use this precious gift for quiet time just for me. I fill it with those things that often get passed by.

There are a variety of things that I do to fill my time. Depending on my mood, I may read a few verses as I sip on my first cup of coffee, look at new recipes or even a little sewing.   Other days, I may decide to do things around the house that are just easier to do without anyone around (I also enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when they are done).  I’m finding that I can do projects by breaking them down into more manageable chunks.  These things might take longer to do, but they would never get done if I waited for a huge block of time with which to do them.

Of course, there are days when I would rather hit the snooze, but quickly remember the benefit of my early mornings. Sometimes I make the comment, “How can I be up this early and be behind?”, but I wouldn’t trade my quiet time for anything.

P Matesevac