Our hopes are that the Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania program can fill those gaps for you. We match families together for purposes of support and information. We have over 1,900 volunteer Peer Supporters who are willing to listen and share their experiences with you. In fact, you can read about one of our many Peer Supporters we appreciate under “Our Lifeline” or do you want to hear from someone who has utilized our services, then also read “Sharing the Journey.”

We want this to be a valuable source of information from the personal perspectives of people that are also traveling the journey. Judy Campbell, a seasoned Parent to Parent of PA Regional Coordinator shares her story under the “Joys and Challenges of Life.”

Need suggestions from other families who may have faced the same challenges that you have?  We created the section called, “This Worked for Me,” just for that reason. Send us your tips at p2pinfo@parenttoparent.org and we may include it in one of our quarterly publications.

Finally our last topic called, “A Time for Me,” was also created with you in mind. We are going to offer suggestions (and you can help us) to pamper the caregiver. We are all so busy and as caregivers, we usually put ourselves last. However, we need to care for ourselves before we can care for someone else…it is hard but we can work on it together!

In closing, our wish for you is to make lifelong Connections.




Fiona Patrick

Program Director

Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania