Get Matched – Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania

When your child is born with a disability or special need ,your life as you knew it, has changed. Change can be exciting or scary depending on the circumstances, but never the same. In times of change, it is often helpful to share your experiences with someone who has traveled the same journey and experienced the peaks and valleys that come with that journey. We all want to have our feelings validated.

That is what we do at Parent to Parent of PA, we connect you or in our world “match you” to another family who has experience with a similar journey or is willing to travel the journey alongside you. We help you find that person that you can share the ever changing sea of emotions you may be experiencing such as, fear, confusion, loneliness, hopelessness and isolation. Or maybe you are looking for  someone to provide resources to you and celebrate those small and large victories with someone who knows how long it took to get there.

“Getting Matched” has been described by many as a life preserver. One parent described their match this way…

“I’m in tears now…just so happy to have talked to someone who “gets” us and what we’re struggling with, what we have accomplished, what our “norms” are and thoughts for the future! It truly is one thing to hear this stuff from a doctor, but it isn’t anything like talking to another parent who’s been in the trenches with their kids and fights for them daily just so they have that normalcy we all crave.”

Thank you for what you do & thanks for a perfect match for us!”

If you are interested in being “matched,” fill out the Get Matched form located on the website and a Regional Coordinator will contact you soon.

All my best,

Sarah Holland