How Matches are Made? – Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania

How Matches are Made?

Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania matches parents, grandparents, guardians, and family members of children and adults with a disability or special need to a volunteer Peer Supporter, who is chosen  to support based on the Referred person’s criteria, such as condition and/or concerns. Peer Supporters offer a listening ear, their experience, time, heart and share information based on their unique experiences.

You can be connected with a Peer Supporter by calling 1-888-727-2706 or selecting the “Get Matched” button on the Home page of this website. A Parent to Parent of PA Regional Coordinator will reach out to the Referred Parent to start the match process.

The Regional Coordinator will call and have a conversation to get to know the person that is requesting a match. It is important to understand that person’s situation and what challenges they are facing with their child/adult or other loved ones. This helps us to make the best match possible.

The Peer Supporter database hosts over 1,200 volunteers who have expressed their willingness to support other families. We have volunteers that can support in many different languages, conditions and any concerns you or your family may have.

 If a match is found in the Parent to Parent database, the Regional Coordinator facilitates the connection, usually by phone between the Peer Supporter and the Referred Parent. Once that connection is made, the Referred Parent and Peer Supporter determine their future communications and methods of communication. A follow-up call to the Referred Parent is made to ensure satisfaction with the match.

For eight consecutive years, from FY 2012- 2020, the Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania program has matched over 1,000 families each year.